Does your pup need a quick makeover? Contact Posh Pooch Inc. today. We offer mini makeovers at our dog grooming salon in Howell. For as little as $45, your four-legged friend can look as good as new in no time. Our mini makeovers include a bath.

Call 732-367-2233 now for more details on our dog grooming services.

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Plan a quick trip to the dog groomer

When you bring your dog to Posh Pooch, you'll be amazed by our quality grooming services. Our mini makeover services include:

  • A bath
  • A custom conditioning treatment
  • Ear cleaning
  • Fluff drying
  • Nail trimming
  • A sanitary shave
  • A face trim
Once we're done, you'll be amazed by how doggone good your dog looks. Your furry friend will feel great, too.

Contact Posh Pooch today to schedule your pup's mini makeover with a trusted groomer.